Sunday, September 30, 2007

Meli's bridal shower :)

I had so much fun making cupcakes for Meli's bridal shower. Her shower was on Sept 23 at Sole, and since she was having a very bright, colorful, floral theme, she requested some brightly colored cupcakes with daisies on them. I made the daisies by hand and with all my love for Meli!!! She ordered Guava and Cheese Cupcakes and Vanilla cupcakes, two of my personal favorites :)

A picture of Meli's adorable cupcake tree:


Meli said...

You are the bomb Eli!!!!
I got SO many compliments esp. on the guava and cheese cupcakes - you are going to have so many new customers!

Eli said...

Thanks so much Meli!!!

Carmen said...

OMG!!! I just saw your Sugar Cups on Justine's blog and I am like I recognize those.
I had no idea you had done them. I am kicking myself for not trying one. Ahhrrrrr.
I hope I get to try some soon!!!!
They did look so adorable.

Alessandra said...

They look sooo good!