Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lots of updates!

I have lots of pictures!! My laptop was dead and so I couldn't update with pictures of all the lovely cupcakes I've been baking :)

Diana's Police Badge Cupcakes

Birthday cuppies :)

Alexis's Heineken cuppies

Jen's very girly birthday cupcakes

Monday, November 5, 2007

Introducing: Bliss Cake!!!

I've just added a new item to my menu, an enormous chocolate "Bliss Cake" that tastes as good as its name sounds. It has three layers of rich chocolate cake, filled with layers of buttercream and chocolate chips and finished with a delicious chocolate ganache.
Each chocolate bliss cake is $25.00.

Johanna's Peepee cupcakes!!

Oh my God, what a RIOT!! Johanna contacted me last week to see if I could make her some penis cupcakes for a bachelorette party. Of course I said yes, while laughing to myself. Everyone at the bakery was cracking up as I made the little fondant penises, and my dad was calling me a "desgraciada" all day, which means that I am a disgraced young woman (all in good fun!)
Anyway, they were so fun to make and I am glad I have another order for penis cupcakes this weekend!

Batman cupcake cake :)

I made these cupcakes from a book, for Giancarlo's birthday party. His mom wanted the batman symbol on a cupcake cake, so that's what we gave her!