Monday, October 15, 2007

Gaby and Shula's birthday cupcakes!!

Jen is turning into one of my best customers! Not only does she give me really fun ideas and cupcakes to make, but she also is an incredibly thoughtful person which gives her lots of excuses to order cupcakes :) Her husband, Gaby and dog, Shula just happen to share the same birthday, so she thought it would be really fun to do some Gaby/Shula themed cupcakes.


Alessandra said...

Happy Birthday Gaby and Shula!!!
Enjoy the cup cakes, they look too cute for words!!!

Jen said...

awww eli, you are such a sweetheart. the cupcakes were DELICIOUS! and they were so adorable. thanks again!

Meli said...

These are SO cute Eli! You outdid yourself! Ready for our lightning bolts??? ;)

Eli said...

Thanks ladies! Jen I am so glad you enjoyed them :)
And Meli, I SURE AM!!!

Justine said...

soooo cute! i love the little bones!
hooray for my penises!