Monday, November 5, 2007

Johanna's Peepee cupcakes!!

Oh my God, what a RIOT!! Johanna contacted me last week to see if I could make her some penis cupcakes for a bachelorette party. Of course I said yes, while laughing to myself. Everyone at the bakery was cracking up as I made the little fondant penises, and my dad was calling me a "desgraciada" all day, which means that I am a disgraced young woman (all in good fun!)
Anyway, they were so fun to make and I am glad I have another order for penis cupcakes this weekend!


Justine said...

12 hours later and still LMAO!
i can't wait for mine!

Yocelyn said...

Hysterical!! Absolutely, on the floor hysterically laughing!